Hi! I'm Ayden McCall, a Software Development student!

A Bit About Me

I've had an interest in programming ever since I was a kid, probably because I grew up playing games. I enjoyed them so much that it became a passion of mine to create them myself! After delving into the world of programming for this dream, I found joy in programming all sorts of projects. Nowadays I'm working towards my degree in Software Development, and pushing myself to learn as much as I can from each project !

Some of my interests

Aside from programming, I've always had a fondness for reading. I'd often stay up far too late reading whatever book had interested me most at the time. As a product of this, I've grown quite fond of writing as well.

Though I've never been too much into traditional sports, I've grown a softspot for martial arts and similar contact sports. I hope that I'll be able to resume these sports once things have calmed down a bit more, as I enjoyed them greatly.