A Bit About Me

I'm Ayden, a Software Development major! Born in Boise, I've always been surrounded by the great hills and mountains as well as a great community.

Languages Level Experience
HTML & CSS Experienced 3 years
Javascript Experienced 3 years
C# Intermediate 2 years
Vue Intermediate 1 year
React Intermediate 1 year

Work Experience

I've taken up a variety of odd jobs over the years, as you often do when living on a farm. Someone's always in need of a hand. I've established pipelines, planted too many trees to count, and dug a whole lot of trenches. What I've learned from it all is that grit is powerful. Pushing through even when it gets difficult can be tough, but rewarding as well. I've taken this thought proccess into my programming as well. When you don't understand something, it's important to not lose heart, and keep trying.

Past Projects